TMC on Hiatus

In case you haven’t heard, as of February 12th, 2019, Texas Mod Crushers are going on hiatus while each of us concentrates on other projects. Mel and Sean are rocking with $50 Goat, Andrew is playing with Steadfast, Phil is writing and recording his solo stuff with Our Crooked Smile, and Rich is working on new music with Phorogi. Please check out these other bands/projects.

If anyone wants some Texas Mod Crushers merch, please contact one of us, and we will hook you up. We have about 20 shirts (a couple “Keep Calm and Crush Mods”; the rest the three-color “Air Corps” design), A box or two of the “Just For Kicks” CDs, and a murder of “Papa Whiskey” vinyl 45s.

Thank you for seven years of crazy fun.

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